Karin Di Giacomo’s  background includes Master’s Degrees in Economics and Psychology and she is a state licensed German Heilpraktiker (Naturopath). She has studied the Plant Kingdom, Alchemy, Astrology, Gnosis and Hermeticism for more than 50 years. Part of the Founding Group of ‘The Philosophers of Nature’, she was involved in disseminating knowledge of Spagyrics in North America. Her translation of a book on standardization methodology in the preparation of Spagyric essences has added to this process. Her main focus in working with the Plant Kingdom is the comprehensive Paracelsian approach, with emphasis on ‘Reading the Book of Nature” directly and understanding not only the healing properties but the true Arcanum of the Plant Being. Her work with trees spans five decades and found expression in the ‘Druid Project’ and in many workshops in the USA and Europe introducing gnostic science approaches in prototyping a new pharmacopeia of trees. Studying Gnosis, Mysticism and Magic, i.e. Hermeticism, she also has been involved in metal-casting Hermetic Seals and Talismans in the Renaissance magical tradition.

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