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Let us together enter through the doors of the senses onto the gates of Knowledge, pass on through the portals of Wisdom and beyond, to enter into the presence of the Living Light.

On this forum you will find information and are invited to engage in discussions on hermetic plant work topics such as e.g.:

  • An overview of Hermeticism and the Western Medical Tradition
  • A brief History of Hermeticism
  • The Cosmos
  • Building Blocks of Creation:
  • The Elements
  • The Laws of Nature
    • Astrologia – Cosmic Cycles, Astronomy and Cosmobiology
    • Alchymia – Evolving Nature
    • Hermetic Medicine from Hippocrates to Paracelsus
  • Epistemology and Gnosis in Herbal Medicine
  • How we know what we know about the properties of Plants?
  • Analytics, Gnosis and Intuition

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